• Single & Multiple (Batch/Bulk) payments to any Bank account (Local and International)
  • Payroll Payments e.g. Salaries, Bonuses
  • Trade & Regulatory payments (Custom duties, Tax & Remita Payments)
  • Airtime Top-up – Ability to purchase airtime for single or multiple devices for corporate use.
  • Own account Transfers
  • Single & Bulk Cheque confirmation

Account Monitoring

  • Generate Account Statements
  • Online real-time account monitoring etc.


  • Role based system each user is given a role with specific functions e.g. Uploader, Reviewer, Approver etc
  • Multi-user solution- supports multiple users for each role
  • Two-Phase Login – every user logs in with an access code in addition to a unique username and password
  • Two factor token authentication – approvers are issued hardware token devices which generate a dynamic password to authenticate log-in.
  • Multi-level transaction authorization – No single user can commence and conclude a transaction except otherwise stated on the account mandate
  • Full audit ability
  • Comprehensive reports – ability to generate payment reports, approval reports etc
  • Customizable – the system can be customized to meet specific corporate requirements


  • Efficient and secure channel for making payments and collections
  • Ability to initiate and monitor payments from any location in the world (in local currency)
  • Ease of fulfilling your obligations in a timely fashion
  • Elimination of cheque-books
  • Online real-time access to your account
  • Configuration flexibility to align with your payment process flow