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About Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia


Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Ltd is a joint initiative and partnership between a Nigerian leading bank - Guaranty Trust Bank plc now (Guaranty Trust Bank holding Company Plc) and a number of prominent Gambian businesspersons and institutions.

In line with the internationally accepted practice, Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Ltd's financial performance is consolidated annually with the Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc financial results.


Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Ltd began operation in The Gambia on March 5th, 2002. In line with internationally accepted practice, Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Ltd's financial performance is consolidated annually with the Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc financial results.  

In December 2021, the Central Bank of The Gambia granted approval for the Bank to transform into a Holding Company to align with its parent, Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc (GTCO Plc) as part of the Group’s strategy to position for future growth and deliver benefits beyond banking to the people, communities, and businesses who depend on the value we create to thrive.

The Bank operates from 15 locations spread around the country, inclusive of our electronic branch located at the Senegambia Tourism Development Area.

Our Vision

We are a team driven to deliver the utmost in customer service.
We are synonymous with innovation, building excellence and superior financial performance, and creating role models for society.

Our Mission

We are a high quality financial services provider, possessing the urge to be the best at all times whilst adding value to all stakeholders.

Our People

Though technology and service efficiency is largely responsible for the level of success the Bank has been able to achieve over the years, our people remain the Bank's most valuable assets.

Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia employs young and vibrant people from various backgrounds, who are selected through a rigorous interview process.

Every day, over 370 outstanding people driven by the zeal to excel, chart a course to ensure that Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia is by far greater than where it has been.

Beliefs and Culture

We maintain a culture of excellence and go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are satisfied at all times. Our values are hinged upon professionalism, integrity, and superior service delivery.

We maintain an informal but competitive environment where people call each other by their first names from entry level through to the Managing Director- no "Sirs or Madams". This informal culture is not common practice in The Gambia, but true to our convictions, the non-regimented and open environment brings out the best productive output in our people.

The Bank also maintains an open door policy. This reinforces the informal atmosphere and breeds a feeling of equality. Everyone is accessible and approachable, working in open offices alongside their colleagues.

The work environment is built saliently on Total Quality Management and a thirst for excellence in everything we do. Quality is an integral part of the Bank and its improvement is not just in the hands of a few but in the hands of every member of staff. Delivering quality is the way we know how to sustain our competitive advantage.

Business Operations

Over the years, we have remained committed to providing professional banking services for various facets of The Gambian economy. Our Corporate Bank Division, Commercial Bank Division, Public Sector Group, Hospitality Group, and Retail Bank Divisions all offer personalized services to meet our customers' every need.

  • Our Corporate Bank Group services multi-nationals and large corporate organizations in the Manufacturing, Energy, Aviation, Telecommunication, Financial Institutions, and Import and Export sectors amongst others.
  • Our Commercial Bank Division is structured to suit the Banking needs of middle-market players such as Government contractors, traders, and medium-scale corporate organizations.
  • Our Public Sector Group deals directly with Government Para-statals at the national and local Government levels providing financial advisory services and other tailor-made products for them.
  • Our Hospitality Group deals with E-business, hotels, and services such as Money Transfers & E-Payment Channels (ATM, POS, and CARDS) Hotels, Lodges, Airlines, and Tour Operators.
  • Our Retail Bank Divisions are structured to develop and serve individual and Owner Managed Enterprises / Small & Medium Scale Enterprises (OMEs / SMEs) account holders, as well as respond to the personal needs of the Bank's High-NeWorth customers.

With each of these Groups/Divisions, we operate on a participatory and professional front. On one hand, we strive to actively acquire the knowledge needed to service our customers and on the other hand, we impart informed knowledge on how our customers can improve their businesses. This way, we provide total banking solutions that meet every customer's needs.

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