The Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia is a pan-African bank.

We continue to invest in our people, constantly improving our processes and technology systems. We believe we have a management style which has become an industry model.

As an institution we are able and willing to think and act in global terms and are currently leading the pack in terms of adherence to the principles of good corporate governance.

Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia is proudly African and proudly successful.

Our Culture

The Bank's culture is centered on eight guiding principles called the Orange Rules. These unique principles have become synonymous with us over the years and continue to contribute to the success story of the Bank.

Learn more about the Orange Rules

Core Functions

The Bank is structured along marketing, operations, resource and control units.

Each performs distinct functions, interfacing with each other to produce an efficiently run organisation.

It is the involvement and interaction of the people in each area, acting as catalysts for change that bring about growth and our outstanding success.

Why Join Us?

We are, first and foremost, a Learning Organization. We understand that being an employer of choice goes beyond the regular pay package. It involves listening, training, mentoring, a genuine concern for what people really care about, and acting upon them. In essence, it involves connecting to people's hearts.

A career at Guaranty Trust Bank offers you a chance to make a difference in your life and the lives of people in your immediate community. Throughout our history, we have continued to help our staff realize their dreams, whilst creating opportunities for them to fulfill their personal and professional potential.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our world class team, send your resume to


Interested candidates can apply for existing vacancies or submit their CV's for consideration via or send physical copy to:

Guaranty Trust Bank (G) Limited

56 Kairaba Avenue

KSMD, Fajara

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to go through the Bank's five-Step recruitment process summarized below:

Step 1: Pre-Interview (Screening)

If found eligible, you will be invited for an informal chat with a member of the Human Resources Team, where you will be required to provide evidence of relevant qualifications/credentials for verification..

Step 2: Entry Assessment

If you are successful at the Pre-Interview, you will be invited to complete a Paper-Based assessment comprising questions covering: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning. The assessments are designed to help us determine if you possess the skills to succeed in a role with Guaranty Trust Bank.

Step 3: Panel Interview

You may then be invited to a panel interview which will be competency-based. Candidates are expected to demonstrate key capabilities and also provide evidence of the qualities and skills the Bank requires.

Step 4: Executive Director’s Interview

This stage involves a one-on-one interview with the Executive Director. In addition to more competency questions, candidates are expected to demonstrate industry knowledge and passion required to work in Guaranty Trust Bank.

Step 5: Managing Director’s Interview

Candidates who are successful at the Final Interview with the Managing Director will be offered a place in Entry-Level. Successful candidates will then be absorbed into the Bank.