/ Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance stands for responsible and transparent management and corporate control oriented towards a sustainable increase in value. We, at Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia (“The Bank”), are convinced that good corporate governance is an essential foundation for sustainable corporate success and enhances the confidence placed in the Bank by our shareholders, business partners, employees, and the financial markets in which we operate. 

All these, we have enshrined in the Bank’s “Orange rules” which are Simplicity, Professionalism, Service, Friendliness, Excellence, Trustworthiness, Social Responsibility, and Innovation signify the principal ideologies upon which the Bank was established and remain the foundation upon which we have built and developed our exemplary corporate governance practices. 

The Orange rules are fundamental to our culture and are part of the everyday conduct of the Bank’s business.

The Bank has a Code of Corporate Governance which provides a robust framework for the governance of the Board and the Bank. The Bank’s Code of Corporate Governance is continuously reviewed to align with additional legal and regulatory requirements and global best practices, in order to remain a pacesetter in the area of good corporate governance practices. In addition to the Code, the Bank aggressively promotes its core values to employees of the Bank through its Code of Professional Conduct; its Ethics Policy as well as Communications Policy, which regulate employee relations with internal and external parties. 

This is a strong indicator of the Bank’s determination to ensure that its employees remain professional at all times in their business practices. The Bank also has an entrenched culture of openness in which healthy discourse is encouraged and employees are mandated to report improper activities in the Bank.

The Bank complies with the requirements of the Central Bank of The Gambia (“CBG”) in respect of the internal review of its compliance status with defined corporate governance practices and submits reports on the Bank’s compliance status to the CBG.

The Bank has an entrenched culture of openness in which healthy discourse is encouraged and employees are mandated to report improper activities. The Bank continues to serve customers, clients, and communities; and create returns for stakeholders. 

The belief that success is only worth celebrating when achieved the right way through a process supported and sustained with the right values remains one of the Bank’s guiding principles. Our commitment to this principle is for us the key to keeping public trust and confidence in our Bank and the key to our continued long-term success.