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Foreign Cheque Collection

Our Foreign Cheque Collection service allows our customers to cash foreign bank cheques/drafts within a reasonable time. This service applies to cheques denominated in US Dollars.
Foreign Drafts
GTB also offers this product and our drafts are drawn on our correspondent banks and payable abroad. This mode of payment comes in handy when making such payments as:

  • School fees
  • Personal home remittances
  • Upkeep allowances
  • Books/Journals/Magazines/Subscriptions

The draft is usually cut and handed over to the individual customer but in peculiar cases, we can help (on the request/account of the customer) send by courier to the beneficiary.

Short and long term financing

  • Overdraft
  • Time/Term Loans
  • Loans, Bonds and Guarantees
  • Leases
  • Dollar Usance
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