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Bills for Collection (BC)

This is yet another method of payment in International Trade in which a set of instructions is sent to and processed by a bank on behalf of a supplier with a view to receiving value for goods already shipped to an importer. It is less stringent than a letter of credit.

Funds Transfers

  • As part of Foreign Operations, funds transfer services are also offered at GTB.
  • Such services include REMITTANCES of all kinds.
  • Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to wire funds (electronic transfer) to even the remotest corner of the globe within minutes via the extensive global network of our correspondent banks.
  • All we need from our customers is completely accurate information on the transfers.
  • From our PCs in The Gambia, we communicate with the rest of the world in minutes via SWIFT
  • We also accept remittances of Western Union and Money Gram as well as Transfers.
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