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Smart Kids Save (SKS)

The Smart Kids Save account is designed to enable parents/guardians save for their children, whilst also developing a savings culture in them.  Teaching children the value of savings early can help them develop SMART financial habits for life.   

Features & Benefits

  • SKS (0 – 17 years)
  • Zero Opening balance
  • Attractive interest payment p.a
  • Periodic lodgments can be made into the account through Standing Order/automated direct debits
  • Copy Taxpayer Identification Number  of Trustee (TIN) Certificate
  • SKS can be converted into a regular savings or current account, with the young saver as an authorized signatory. This is however only after the Smart kid saver has attained the age of 18.

Documents Required

  • One passport photograph of each signatory and Smart Kid
  • Valid ID for each signatory (International Passport, National Driver's license, National ID Card)
  • Residence / Work permit for foreign nationals working in The Gambia
  • Copy of Smart Kid's birth Certificate

+220 4376 371 - 4