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Statement by Email

Statement by email is an innovative and free banking service from Guaranty Trust. It allows you to receive your statement of account by email. Simply tell us the frequency you would like to be receiving the statement of account (i.e. daily, weekly and/or monthly) and we will deliver it to you by email.
Features and Benefits of the Service

  • Helps you to manage your funds better by keeping you up to date with your financial position.
  • Allow customers to easily reconcile their books of account.
  • Allows customers to customize the statement outlook easily
  • Is presented in flexible excel format
  • It is totally free of charge (So!! Why not sign up today?)

What do I require to sign up?

To sign up for the Statement by Email Service, you would need the following:

  • Guaranty Trust Bank account number
  • Preferred statement mailing period (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Customer email address

How do I sign up?
Simple; get in touch with our Customer Information Service desk in any of our branches or your account officer for assistance. All you need to do is to complete an application form and return to us. Click here to download the application form.

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