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GTBank School Fees Collection system is an effective and efficient means of collecting school fees from parents/guardians at the convenience of the school.

  • GTB-Collection Application
    • It’s unique web based feature that provides the outlet for customers to make their periodic payments from any of the bank’s branches.


    • The application has been integrated with the Bank’s Core Banking Application such that when it is processed, transaction entries are passed to the tellers till and corresponding credit passed to School account.


    • Key information like the student ID, student name, parents/Guardian, name, student’s class, total school fees paid, term/period and even charge amount (i.e. If the Bank decides to take charges for the service) can all be entered into the system etc.


    • After successful transaction posting, the system displays a “Transaction Summary Page”. This page allows the teller to review the transactions generated and to print receipts for students/parents/guardian.


    • It is imperative to note that each transaction generates its own unique reference number/receipt number.


    • The Teller can also re-print receipts for transaction that were conducted previously.


Benefits of School Fees Collection System

To Parents / Guardians:

  • Convenience and Quick Service


To The School:

  • No contact with Cash
  • Process is automated
  • Reconciliation easier
  • Reports can be customized
  • Concession on COT
  • No more cost of transporting these monies to the bank
  • Fast transfers to purchase books and make payments of dues to institution you are affiliated to.
  • Reduced cost of account operation
  • Access to short term and long term financing


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