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GTBANK Domiciliary Accounts

Domiciliary accounts are foreign currency denominated accounts. GTBank domiciliary account allows you to maintain accounts in Dollars, Pounds, Euros and CFA domiciled in the Gambia.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimum opening balance of 1,000 Euro, Dollar or Pound Sterling
  • These accounts can be funded through lodgment of foreign currency cheques, cash inflows and cash deposits.
  • GTBank domiciliary account holders have access to withdraw cash or make transfers to their accounts or other accounts offshore.
  • Swift charge is D750.00/transaction & commission on transfer is 1%
  • Cash withdrawals from these accounts  attract 1% commission
  • Our corresponding banks are Deutsche Bank, GTBank UK (London), GTBank Ivory Coast and ECOBank (Senegal).


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