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Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia is a pan-African bank with Gambia roots.

We continue to invest in our people, constantly improving our processes and technology systems. We believe we have a management style, which has become an industry model.

As an institution we are able and willing to think and act in global terms and are currently leading the pack in terms of adherence to the principles of good corporate governance.

Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia is proudly Gambia , proudly African and proudly successful.

Our Culture

The Bank's culture is centered on eight guiding principles called the Orange Rules. These unique principles have become synonymous with us over the years and continue to contribute to the success story of the Bank.

  • Simplicity: We are straightforward, direct and easy to deal with, making the complex uncomplicated.
  • Professionalism: We are thorough and efficient, always inspiring confidence.
  • Service: This is our major strength; we're constantly improving on our ability to delight our customers.
  • Friendliness: We enjoy working together to fulfil customers' needs, building mutually rewarding relationships.
  • Excellence: We stand out from the crowd, always refreshing, always beyond the ordinary.
  • Trustworthiness: We are reliable, what we say is what we do; trust us to always do what is right.
  • Social Responsibility: we care, we believe in building and sharing for the good of all.
  • Innovation: we evoke inspiration and respect, our originality is second to none, we are bold, classy and always setting the pace.

Core Functions

The Bank is structured along marketing, operations, resource and control units.

Each performs distinct functions, interfacing with each other to produce an efficiently run organization.

It is the involvement and interaction of the people in each area, acting as change catalysts that bring about growth and our outstanding success.

Meet Our People

"Guaranty Trust Bank is the only financial institution that promotes and creates avenues for academic and personal growth. The Bank has produced seasoned professionals and business conglomerates in the country. With a very professional working environment, Guaranty Trust Bank takes pride in its integrity and upholds its core values. The environment is very friendly and empowers its staff."