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Though technology and service efficiency are largely responsible for the level of success the Bank has been able to achieve over the years, our people remain the Bank's most valuable assets.
Guaranty Trust Bank employs young and vibrant people from various backgrounds, who are selected through a vigorous interview process. All staff upon engagement must go through a three-month training program, where they are trained on various aspects of banking as well as self-development.
The Guaranty Trust Bank training school is about making an "investment in the person and not the worker". It is important that we groom the individual and imbue the right morals, work ethics and social skills for the corporate environment from the onset. This creates a strong sense of team spirit amongst our staff, thereby promoting the "we" identity and downplaying the "I".
Every day, over 200 outstanding people driven by the zeal to excel, chart a course to ensure that Guaranty Trust Bank is by far greater than where it has been.