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The Brand

The Bank has over the years been a recipient of several awards for superior financial performance, customer service delivery, excellent share performance, management and efficiency.

The Bank's identity is the way we project ourselves to the world, and in that sense, it is more than just a logo. It is a valuable asset and every staff has a responsibility to project that value by ensuring its correct application.

Our Brand Essence
This is the single concept which drives the understanding of the Guaranty Trust Bank Brand. It is the one word that best personifies the behavior, products and services of the Bank. It is the summation of Guaranty Trust Bank Brand Muscles.

Our Brand essence is "precision"


Why Orange?

The deep joy and bliss felt when the sunshine rays of divine energy enter our physical being. Orange indicates a person who is sociable and loves to be in the company of others. It can also indicate a gathering, social event or celebration.

A person who has loads of energy, exciting and fun to be with. Orange relates to the ultimate feeling of fulfillment such as giving birth even spiritual enlightenment. The acknowledgment of your spiritual energy on the physical plane.

Orange relates to a person who has great practical "hands on" skills.
Orange personalities are friendly, have a ready smile and quick wit, and are fluent if not profound in speech. They are good-natured and gregarious and do not like to be left alone.

We've put together a short document about our brand "Facts About Our Brand".It contains the basic rules and concept of the Guaranty Trust Bank Brand and we invite you to download it and learn even more about why we value our brand so much.