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Our Culture

We maintain a culture of excellence, and go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are satisfied at all times. Our values are hinged upon professionalism, integrity and superior service delivery.
We maintain an informal but competitive environment where people call each other by their first names from entry level through to the Managing Director- no "Sirs or Madams". This informal culture is not common practice in The Gambia, but true to our convictions, the non-regimented and open environment brings out the best productive output in our people.

The Bank also maintains an open door policy. This reinforces the informal atmosphere and breeds a feeling of equality. Everyone is accessible and approachable, working in open offices alongside their colleagues.

The work environment is built saliently on Total Quality Management, and a thirst for excellence in everything we do. Quality is an integral part of the Bank and its improvement is not just in the hands of a few but in the hands of every member of staff. Delivering quality is the way we know how to sustain our competitive advantage.