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Business Operations

Over the years, we have remained committed to providing professional banking services for various facets of The Gambian economy. Our Corporate Bank Group, Commercial Bank Group, Public Sector Group, Operations and IT Group, and Retail Group all offer personalized services to meet our customers' every need.

  • Our Corporate Bank Group services multi-nationals and large corporate organizations in the Manufacturing, Energy, Aviation, Telecommunication, Financial Institutions, Import and Export sectors amongst others.

  • Our Commercial Bank Group is structured to suit the Banking needs of middle market players such as Government contractors, traders and medium scale corporate organizations.

  • Our Public Sector Group deals directly with Government Para-statals at the national and local Government levels providing financial advisory services and other tailor made products for them.

  • Our Hospitality Group deals with the E-business, hotels and services such as Money Transfers & E-Payment Channels (ATM, POS, CARDS) Hotels, Lodges, Airlines, Tour Operators. 

  •  Our Retail Bank Group is structured to develop and serve individual and Owner Managed Enterprises / Small & Medium Scale Enterprises (OMEs / SME's) account holders, as well as respond to the personal needs of the Bank's High Net Worth customers.

With each of these Groups, we operate on a participatory and professional front. On one hand, we strive to actively acquire the knowledge needed to service our customers and on the other hand we impart informed knowledge on how our customers can improve their businesses. This way, we provide total banking solutions that meet every customer's needs.